The gospel calls us into a community of people who seek to treat each other as those created in God's image and believing in His perfect promise to make us new.  In Christian worship believers encounter the living God who is awesome and holy and who promises to renew our souls, families, communities, and the world.


The music in our worship is intended to focus on 'the vertical'—addressing God, declaring His worth, extolling His praises, and rejoicing in His glories revealed in Jesus Christ.  It is a time to exalt God by expressing His character and celebrating the finished work of His son. Toward these ends, Hazelwood church comes together in a warmly historical worship setting with the focus directed toward the Lord.  Through prayer, songs, voluntary giving, confessing the faith and the reading and preaching of God's word, God's people seek to honor and glorify Him.


Every month-and-a-half the congregation also celebrates the Supper of the Lord Jesus.  Along with the members of Hazelwood Presbyterian Church, anyone who trusts in Christ and is a member of a Bible-believing church that proclaims the gospel of grace is welcome at the Lord's Table.


Worship times are 11:00 a.m. & 6:00 p.m. each Sunday